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“The Story” now available everywhere you find your music

By | Cat4
When Sky sat down to write with Lynda McKillip and Producer John Ellis, he had the aim of reimagining Chris Cagle’s 2003 hit “Chicks Dig It”. Something that taps into a feeling that the crazy things we do have a purpose.
“The Story” is about barely surviving our wreckless youth, and being wild for no good reason other than having legendary stories that are told and re-told.  It playfully leans into a retro theme by paying homage to iconic Guns N’ Roses riffs and Shania’s signature “Let’s go girls”.
The Story lands on heartfelt personal growth, and a realization that true love is worth slowing down for – even just a little.
Streaming now wherever you find your music:

New projects in the works

By | Cat4

This past year has been full steam ahead on new music ventures. Some of them were a surprise!

  1. My long time music producer partner John Ellis and I finished “The Story” – out now.
  2. I partnered with a long time music wishlist producer Tom McKillip and along with his wife Lynda we wrote five wonderful new songs that are in pre-production now.
  3. A US based music team that I worked with almost 20 years ago reached out to build a new project that’s exciting as can be – R&B/hip hop influenced country music like you’ve never heard before. We’re also tackling social issues in ground-breaking ways that country music has never done before. I can’t wait to share it with you!

New song “Flicker” now playing at radio and SiriusXM

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Check out the sexy new single “Flicker” wherever you get your music – now playing on SiriusXM 171!

Also I wanted to share the story of how Flicker came to be –

On Oct 22 2013 we wrote Flicker in a studio in Nashville. Here’s the story:
I had been dying to write with Canadian superstar and hit songwriter Patricia Conroy
for some time. With some prodding on my part and a keen attention to schedules, I was able to book a writing date with her! Next I booked a WestJet flight to Nashville. It was my second time down, and I was by no means a veteran Nashvegas traveler. My friend Beth Anderson was thankfully going to be there for a writing trip at the same time, and offered to set me up with a few other writing sessions and show me her favourite spots. Gold!!
Just a few days before the session with Patricia, she asked if Danick Dupelle of Emerson Drive
could join- OMG OF COURSE HE CAN!! (I’m a huge fan). I asked Patricia if Beth could join us as well and we laughed that we hadn’t been in a 4 person writing session before – felt a bit like a big Motown writing room.
On the morning of the writing session I had butterflies like crazy. I never get nervous for writing sessions but we only had one chance to get it right! I had my notebook of song ideas ready, and forced myself to eat a meal to settle the tummy. We met at Danick’s beautiful Nashville recording studio.
After some introductions and catching up, we dove in. Patricia asked what we were after- what kind of song is this going to be? I knew I wanted a deep country crooner – Chris Young/Josh Turner style – something sexy with a bit of swing in the hips 🕺🏻. I also had an old idea in my notes about a “Flicker turning to a flame”.
Danick came up with a PERFECT guitar lick right off the hop and it set the tone.

This crew of pro songwriters make it look so easy. Patricia came up with the opening scene – “baby take my hand, lay a blanket down by the ocean, we’ll build a little fire in the sand” every line we came up with fit seamlessly together and the imagery was exactly what I was looking for!

Now, 7 years later, let me present “Flicker”

New country single from Sky Wyatt now on SiriusXM “Flicker”

Sky Wyatt, Patricia Conroy, and Danick Dupelle at the writing session in Nashville

New song “Red Neck” for summer 2020

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It’s a song about hickeys! I’ll bet you haven’t heard of this take on the country term redneck…

This fun lighthearted Bonnie Raitt “Something To Talk About” inspired song was co-written by myself and hit songwriter veteran Willie Mack. It reminds me of young love at the drive-in movie theatre. When things get a little too hot and heavy, sometimes it leaves a mark 😉

Find it on youtube, Spotify, Apple music, or wherever you listen to your jams.

“Mistletoe” in a 2019 Christmas movie!

By | Features

Check out Lifetime Network’s “Sweet Mountain Christmas” this holiday season to see me performing my song “Year of Yes”! I’m singing on stage while the stars dance and fall in love in the foreground ❤️
“Mistletoe” (featuring Karen Lee Batten) is also heavily featured. The actors sing it! Super excited 🙂

My new music video!

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I think every artist dreams of a music video as a major career goal.

The “Shoes” video concept was so perfect that I almost cried when I heard it:
It follows the life and love of our main character through his whole life from the perspective of his shoes.
We see his young boy shoes and the little girl that runs away from them, his awkward teenage sneakers and still no luck with girls, and then his adult boots going through the trials of dating until he meets his perfect fit.
Then we see his wedding and soon there’s a tiny new pair of shoes added to the family.
It’s a tale of romance and dating woes with a delightfully happy ending.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it.
If you do, please share!

Prepping for another year of weddings (did you know I sing in a wedding band?)

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For the past eight years, I’ve been lucky enough to get to play with an amazing group of musicians in the Vancouver based wedding dance band Cakewalk. We play great music, dance our faces off, and sometimes can’t even feel our faces when we play the Weekend’s “I Can’t Feel My Face”. Too corny? Sorry.

This time of year we have a bit of time between gigs to learn new songs and new dance moves. Do you have any suggestions of new songs we should learn? Here are some ways to get a hold of us:

Cakewalk on Facebook

I also write a fun blog about band life, events, and How-To’s on our Caketalk Blog

Here’s a shot of us on New Year’s Eve –